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We operate in the sale of the best commodities produced in the Americas and Australia, namely:

  • Yellow Corn GMO

  • GMO soybean

  • Sugar IC45

  • Yellow Corn FEED GMO

  • Non GMO Soybean

  • Coffe

Natural Hot Springs

BRAEX Global Solutions works with minerals and precious stones extracted from approved and official mines, always respecting local labor legislation. All minerals extracted have legal work certificates, non-use of slave labor and extraction from legal and peace regions.

Our main minerals are:

Gold 92.99%, Gold 96.99%, Gold 99.99%, Emerald, Diamond, Alexandrite, Tourmaline and Tourmaline Paraiba.

Animal Proteins

The animal proteins offered by our company respect all the health legislation required worldwide, always with the best quality content and the best cuts, namely:

  • Chicken Paw;

  • Meat / Beef;

  • Chicken Feet;

  • Pork.

Monetization of Assets
reunião de negócios

Leverage your personal and business investments. BRAEX's mission is to present the best investments, namely:


  • Debentures;

  • Commercial Papers;

  • Public titles;

  • Direct Treasury;

  • CDB, LCA, LCI;

  • Mineral Assets SKR;

  • Custody of Mineral Assets at Security House;

  • Immediate Participation in Investment Platforms;

  • Crypto Assets;

  • Among others.

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