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            We sell for more than 23 ​​countries

The Braex Solutions database stores information about companies and distributors, importers and brokers in 96 countries.

Braex offers a service for the sale of agricultural and mineral products working on the sale and purchase and now also with brokers that cover more than 20 sellers of soy, corn and sugar in 10 countries strengthening our brand. More than 50 companies have used our services to find qualified partners in more than 20 countries. Be part of it and come and do business with a company that has efficient market compliance and is a reference when it comes to trust and professionalism in financial matters.

      Access the BRAEX database - Coming Soon

Soon many companies will access our database by registering on our website. This subscription will provide login access to our tool in all countries, all categories and all distributors by geolocation. Subscribers will be able to perform unlimited searches on the database. A subscription provides telephone support from Braex Global Solutions to help you identify the best buyers and distributors, by country. Through this service, our partners will be able to work with a geolocation tool to improve interactivity and business confidence. 


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